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Quality Service Assessment Report


Quality Assessment Report 2010 (portuguese only)

Since its incorporation, Parque Escolar has been committed and dedicated to responding in an effective way to all the needs of school community: teachers, administrative staff, pupils, parents and guardians, parents’ associations, school principals and the whole local communities.

In this context, Parque Escolar has, for the second consecutive year, produced a Service Quality Assessment Report to the highest standards of rigour, responsibility and transparency, applying the same methodology as in the previous year.

In this report, the assessment sample was increased from 11 to 18 schools and the number of respondents from 728 to 1,774 representatives of the respective school communities. The geographic coverage was also increased and the scope of the assessment was expanded to include the three process phases: elaboration of the design project, execution of the work and post-work assistance.

We are pleased to report that we have registered an overall satisfaction rating of 3.9 on a scale of 0 to 5 , thus maintaining the assessment levels achieved the previous year, despite the difficulties generated by the significant increase in the number of schools undergoing interventions. Parque Escolar values and attaches great important to its relationship with the diverse stakeholders, just as the performance of subcontracted service providers affects the satisfaction of the clients and, consequently, the assessment the latter give to Parque Escolar.

Quality Assessment Report 2009 (portuguese only)

In 2009 Parque Escolar launched its Service Quality Assessment project in 12 schools in diverse project phases. The project included management boards, pupils, parents, teachers, school staff and the local communities with the aim of achieving a transversal assessment of the various project phases and the provision of service by the school community and identifying opportunities for improvement.  

As a result of this assessment process the Service Quality Assessment Report 2009 was produced. It contains information on the methodology used and the main results and conclusions of the assessment process.

Parque Escolar is committed to continuing this project and annual repetition of the assessment process is planned.