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Identification of Stakeholders

As shown in the table below, the Parque Escolar value chain is made up of three intervention phases for modernisation of school facilities: (1) the project elaboration phase; (2) the work execution phase; and (3) the operation phase.

The persons/entities involved in each intervention phase are the stakeholders that have the greatest influence on compliance of the Parque Escolar mission and objectives in terms of the Secondary School Modernisation Programme.

1. Project elaboration phase

  2. Work execution phase   3. Operation phase
1.1 Planning
2.1 Construction
3.1 Maintenance
In coordination with the Regional Education Directorates, Parque Escolar defines the priority schools for intervention.
Parque Escolar develops and launches the procedures for contracting construction work services and carrying out specialised work projects.

Management of all aspects of maintenance (preventive, corrective, etc.) through contracting of maintenance services.

1.2 Programming
2.2 Supervision/inspection
3.2 Dynamisation of services
Working closely with the school and the school community, the guidelines for intervention in a school are defined, resulting in the School Plan.
Procedures for contracting designers and developing the intervention project are also launched.
Parque Escolar develops and launches the procedures for contracting the Inspection Teams that monitor the whole construction work execution process.
The Inspection Team controls and monitors the work execution in coordination with Parque Escolar and the school.
Parque Escolar provides assistance in implementing projects for the economic exploitation of school spaces and dynamisation of the services provided by the schools.
1.3 Conception
The Designers and
Specialist Consultants produce a design project for the intervention, which is presented to the School Management. 





Thus, defining the entities that constitute the stakeholders in the Parque Escolar operations results from analysis of the value chain and identifying those entities that have the greatest impact on compliance with the Parque Escolar mission, objectives and strategy.

This stakeholder definition process was carried out in work meetings involving workers from various areas of the company. It is represented in the following graphic.