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Governance Model

Composition of the Board of Directors

Current mandate

Office Corporate Body Appointment Mandate
  Board of Directors    
Chairman Dr. Filipe António Alves da Silva (*) 3 year period
Member Dra. Sandra Sofia Coelho Rodrigues (*) 3 year period
Member Dr. Luís Filipe Machado da Silva Andrade (*) 3 year period
  Sole Supervisory Officer    

CRC - Colaço, Rosa, Carrilho & Associados, ROC, Lda., registered auditor n.º 89

3 year period
2013 - 2015

(*) - Appointement by Order of 31st of January 2020, by Minister of Education and Secretary of State of the Treasury 
(**) - Appointed by Order no. 875/2013-SET, of 04 May, by Secretary of State of the Treasury
(***) - At 2017, represented by Dr. Luís Manuel da Silva Rosa, registered auditor nº 628 and, as substitute, Dra. Maria Fernanda Mendonça Barreto Colaço registered auditor nº 938


Previous mandates:

Mandate III
Mandate II
Mandate I