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Technical Installations Design Manual

Technical Installations Design Manual (portuguese only) The technical installations play a fundamental role in terms of the quality of operation of the school buildings.
Their conception and dimensioning must therefore be based on very rigorous criteria, ensuring, on the one hand, compliance with the regulations in force for the area in question and, on the other, harmonious integration in the spatial environment defined by the architecture.

The document has been drawn up so that the installations can be projected in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Safety and reliabilty, in operational and maintenance terms;
  • Flexibility and durability, with the capacity to adapt to changes in education programmes;
  • Flexibility in terms of adaptation to operating conditions in each installation site, with a view to having control over emergency situations and rationalisation of human resources for operation;
  • Reduction of energy consumption through selection of high performance and high light efficiency light sources and judicious selection of HVAC equipment;
  • Achieving adequate comfort levels (taking the conditions of use of the respective school into account) together with maximisation of the building’s energy efficiency;
  • Objective identification of criteria and principles for the conception and development of the diverse technical specialty projects.