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Governance Model

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently made up of a Chairman and two voting members appointed by  Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 15/20103 , of 23 May published in the Diário da República, 29 of May.

Current mandate

Office Corporate Body Appointment Mandate
  Board of Directors    
Chairman Luís Manuel Flores de Carvalho (*) 3 years


Filipe António Alves da Silva (*) 3 years
Member Montezuma Boaventura Guimarães Dumangane (*) 3 years
  Sole Supervisory Officer    
Effective CRC - Colaço, Rosa, Carrilho & Associados, ROC, Lda.,
represented by Dr.ª Maria Fernanda Mendonça Barreto Colaço,
registered auditor n.º 938
( * * )

3 year period
2010 - 2012

Substitute Dr. Luís Manuel da Silva Rosa, registered auditor nº 628    

(*) – Appointment by Resolution no. 15/2013 of 23 May published in the Diário da República, 29 of May.
(* *) – Appointed by Order no. 1018/2010 – Ministry of Finance and Public Administration


Tasks and Responsabilities

Luís Manuel Flores de Carvalho, Chairman:
· Northern Portugal branch;
· Southern Portugal branch;
· General Operations Management;
· Human Resources Management;

Filipe António Alves da Silva, Board Member:
· General Contract Management;
· General Secretary;
· Internal Audit;

Montezuma Boaventura Guimarães Dumangane, Board Member:
· Planning and Management Support Office;
· General Administrative and Financial Management.


Previous mandates:

Mandate II

Mandate I